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Administration of customs payments

Effective management and control over funds transferred to the account of Eltrans+ LLC for payment of customs payments (duties, fees and taxes)  to the customs authorities ensures:

➢  completeness and timeliness of payment of customs duties;

➢  correctness of calculation of customs duties;

➢  control of payments and cash balances;

➢ prompt provision of reporting on the expenditure of funds;

➢  control of the process of payment of customs duties at all stages.

Benefits of using the service:

1. Reducing the financial costs of our Customers:

➢  reduction of costs for additional personnel for administering the ULS, checking the crediting of funds to the ULS, urgent replenishment of the ULS, conducting reconciliations with customs authorities, generating cash flow reports through the personal account (PA) of a foreign trade participant on the FCS website;

➢  no commissions for banking transactions (when sending money for a flight to quickly replenish an ELS account or make payments through a payment card).

2. Payment of customs duties through Eltrans + LLC will eliminate:

➢ refusal to register a DT and refusal to issue it on weekends and holidays, as well as a full working day on Monday in Vladivostok (taking into account the time difference), due to insufficient funds, if the transfer of funds to the ELS was not carried out in a timely manner, or sent with errors;

➢ decision by the customs authority to refuse to issue customs declaration due to a jump in exchange rates, and as a result, a lack of funds to write off customs duties and release goods;

➢ delay in the release of DT in case of adjustment of the customs value by the customs authorities and the need to provide security;

➢ Errors in payment orders when transferring funds;

➢ delay in payment of customs duties due to an unexpected change in the delivery schedule;

➢ problematic situations related to technical failures in the work of banks.

3. Eltrans+ LLC undertakes interaction with customs authorities on the following issues:

➢ providing the necessary reporting through the personal account (PA) of a foreign trade participant on the FCS website;

➢ providing all necessary reporting on the expenditure of funds (the frequency of submission and the form of the report are determined by agreement of the parties).

4. With regular cooperation on the “Customs Payments Administration” service, our Customers are provided with discounts on other company services, as well as additional days of deferment for payment for services provided.