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Temporary Storage Warehouse

Eltrans+ Temporary Storage Warehouse (TSW) (Certificate of Inclusion in the Register of Owners of Temporary Storage Warehouses No. 10113/301110/10022/4 as of 11 January 2022) has favorable geography near the Moscow-Minsk highway, 100 km from the Russian-Belarusian border section.

The company provides an integrated package of services for the delivery and customs clearance of cargo using its infrastructure resources and experience.

➢  Yartsevsky customs checkpoint (code 10113070) is located on the premises of the TSW

➢   The area of the open storage ground is 7,326.4 m2

➢  The storage capacity is 7,444.51 m3

➢  The parking area can accommodate more than 200 heavy duty vehicles at a time

➢  More than 100 consignments are processed daily at the TSW

We provide the following services:

  • Warehousing and storage of goods and vehicles; 
  • Customs clearance and FEA advice;
  • Workflow and cargo tracking automation;
  • Storage locations for specific-condition goods;
  • Traceability records;
  • Weighing goods;
  • Loading and unloading and warehousing operations;
  • Handling operations in relation to cargo under customs seal (customs inspection, screening, sampling);
  • Cargo segregation/repacking/palletizing, consolidation;
  • Maintaining strict goods accounting and tracking, taking of inventory, reporting;
  • Ensuring the safety of cargo and fire safety;
  • Radiation intensity measuring system;
  • 24-hour security and video surveillance.

Eltrans+ TSW works from 09:00am to 09:00pm from Monday to Sunday without public holidays: we are in touch with our Customers twenty four by seven. Vehicles have 24/7 access to the TSW premises.

Make a request for temporary storage warehouse services and we will reach out to you at the earliest possible time to provide you with details on our services and their imputed value. We will answer all your questions and prepare a private quotation.