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Customs Clearance

Eltrans+ LLC is a nationwide customs representative (Certificate No. 0035/03 as of 9 September 2014). The first customs broker license was issued in February 2003 under No. 1000/0243 by the State Customs Committee of the Russian Federation.

The company provides customs clearance services of any level of complexity for goods transported by all means of transport throughout Russia on the day of arrival.

Preliminary stage:

  • Reviewing the draft contract and source technical documentation;
  • Classifying goods;
  • Selecting customs procedures;
  • Listing embargoes and restrictions in the countries of departure/transit/destination;
  • Developing requirements for customs infrastructure;
  • Assessing the possible use of exemptions and concessions;
  • Precalculating customs clearance costs;
  • Managing customs payments.

Obtaining the necessary permits:

  • Advance classification decision;
  • Obtaining a classification decision from the FCS;
  • Permit to have VAT relief;
  • Permit to process in the customs area;
  • Permit by approving authorities to import and/or export goods included in the relevant lists;
  • Permit to process for domestic consumption.

Creation of customs infrastructure:

  • Design and construction;
  • Obtaining operation permits (customs warehouses, temporary storage warehouses, temporary customs control area, etc.)

Customs clearance:

  • Consummating a foreign trade contract;
  • Pre-shipment checking goods and documents;
  • Controlling finished goods warehouse;
  • Customs procedures in the country of departure and at the stage of transportation;
  • Customs procedures at the EAEU border;
  • Performance of customs formalities;
  • Release for domestic consumption at the place of delivery


  • Canceling competent authorities’ control